Joanne Weir's Wine Country Cooking Cookbook

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In Wine Country Cooking, a refreshing collection of 150 recipes and wine pairings, you'll learn how to cook with the rhythm of the seasons. It's a Mediterranean-influenced way of cooking and eating that celebrates seasonal produce, fruit-infused olive oils, wild-caught seafood, grass-fed cattle, artisanal cheeses, and rustic breads – all served with a perfectly paired glass of wine. Recipes include: Chicken Ragout with Autumn Vegetables, Artichoke Fritters with Lemon Mayonnaise, Raspberry and Zinfandel Sherbet with Warm Berry Compote, just to name a few.

Wine Country Cooking contains all of the recipes from Joanne Weir's Cooking Class Season II series plus 100 more recipes complete with wine pairings and full-color food photography.

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Joanne Weir's Cooking Class Second Season
Joanne Weir's Cooking Class
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